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GO TEAM HALLOWEEN! It's almost that spoooooooooooky time of year again when things go bump in the night and thump at your door.

Prepare to fight your corner with this bunch of terrifying spooks: Even their names should send a shiver of fear through the toughest person... oh yes, let us introduce Stewart the Spider, Gordon the Ghost, Pamela the Pumpkin and Brian the Bat. Simply purchase, cut and glue, then place on your windowsill to keep yourself safe from those marauding trick o' treaters....

Each spook takes about 10-15 mins to make.

Graphic: spider, ghost, pumpkin and bat designed by Mibo for Coq en Pate editions
Material: Printed onto 100% recycled card using vegetable inks
Size: The creatures range from 6cm-12cm in height when made - 
Manufacturing: made in the UK 
Designer: Madeleine Rogers / MIBO.


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