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"French. Original. Fun."

« Picture France in 1946. The story of Méduse® begins with a revolutionary plastic invention; the jelly shoe. After its debut as a practical working shoe the jelly was soon found on the feet of fashionable holiday makers in the swinging 60’s. 68 years later, Méduse® is still based in France and still sells its original model. With a distinctive spiked sole, rounded tip and weaved strands, it continues to symbolise the core style of Méduse®, and its design has become fundamentally timeless.”

The authentic sandals jelly-shoes are a must-have summer accessories for kids.

All the jelly-shoes range are made in phthalate-free plastics and are 100% recyclable.

Description:Purple Jelly-shoes
Référence: Sun Purple
Colour: Purple
Sizes: from 22 to 34 size advice
Composition: PVC
Manufacturing: Made in France

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